My name is Dewayne Frank aka Wayne. I am going to share the plan that God had for my life from about five months ago until today. I was jobless, angry, and just over stressed. I put in applications everywhere I could think of only to receive no responses for months and months to the point of giving up. I remember sitting on my friends couch defeated. I then get a phone call asking "if I was still looking for a job." I went to training that first day just gratefulfor a job. I went to training that second day where Irene Corona from Victory World Outreach was training me. She asked me what I liked to do, so I told her that I liked basketball, that’s when she mentioned that her Pastor plays ball and I may know him. When she told me his name I knew exactly who he was.

She told him she had met me and then they invited me to a revival with Pastor Marshall bringing the word. God's plan was working out beautifully; I just didn’t know it at the time. I got off of work, called my son's mom at the time, and we began to argue, fuss and fight on the phone and something inside me said, “ask her to revival tonight”,as crazy as it seemed I asked her and to my great surprise she said YES!!! I checked the phone to make sure it wasn't broken, and then I asked her if she was sure and yep, she said YES!!! I said ok I’ll see you tonight then. About three weeks later I asked her to marry me in front of the church, and two days later we were Mr. and Mrs. Randall Dewayne Frank!!! Since then I have been a faithful member of Victory World Outreach, and God has even called me to serve as anusher in the church. I THANK GOD EVERYDAY FOR THE PLANS HE HAS FOR MY LIFE!!!

Hi my name is Jennifer Cannon.

I did not grow up in a Christian home, or even a home where God was ever mentioned. Grace before meals was sometimes even treated as a joke if it was brought up. I had no idea who He was for most of my life. I was still a pretty good kid, or at least I thought so. As I got older and ventured out on my own, my decisions reflected the kind of home I was brought up in. I was lost. I got married at 20 to a man who had introduced me to stripping and using my looks to get what we wanted and needed. After several years of verbal abuse and infidelity, I left him and that lifestyle and moved back home. For years I jumped from one place to another, in and out of unhealthy relationships, most of them based solely on sex. The problem was that I really didn’t know any better, but there was always that little voice inside my head telling me that there was something better out there for me.
In 2003 the Lord blessed me with a beautiful baby boy, Eric. When things didn’t work out with his father, I ran again. I was determined to be happy, but I just couldn’t seem to fill the void in my heart. I continued to party on the weekends that my son was with his dad and there was always a man to keep me warm at night. I had a longing to move to Texas for years before I finally gave in and just left everything behind. It wasn’t long though before I stepped right back into the same hole as before. After almost a year God planted himself right in my face in the form of a man who He knew would get my attention. This man told me that he had been praying to God for his wife and that the woman he married would be a Godly woman and hold God at the center of her world, just as he did. I was starved to be loved, truly loved and was determined to be that woman that he sought. God began to put people in my path that helped to guide me and mold me. He tore down the walls in my heart and exposed me to feelings I had never felt before. My fiancé was in prison and for two years I stayed faithful, even started making plans of moving my son and I to Germany when he was released because he was being deported. God had other plans. He closed that door and stripped me of the last thing I was holding on to that was keeping me from fully giving myself to Him. I was devastated and started to backslide. Flesh started taking over, but it wasn’t long before I realized that I wasn’t able to fill that void in my heart with physical pleasure or alcohol. I repented and began mending my relationship with God and started seeking out a church home with my new roommate and friend. I was getting the Word I needed from my current church, but there was no connection with the people and without that connection there is no accountability, which is something I desperately needed. After months of searching, we finally came to Victory World Outreach and instantly we felt like family, like we belonged there. Within a couple of months God began convicting me of things I knew I needed to do in order to show my obedience to Him. I started tithing for the first time in my life and I got baptized. I have learned to give every aspect of my life to God, completely and fully and in return, He has shown his faithfulness to me over and over. God is ever-present in the hearts and lives of the people at VWO and it shows in the fruit that they produce. They are not perfect, nor do they claim to be, but they are real and they stand true in their commitment to Christ and to furthering His Kingdom. Now, because of my continued growth and commitment, I have been blessed with the honor of being part of the praise Team! I am humbled that God chose me to be part of their family.

Johnny and Adriane Brigance

Since we've been coming to be VWO.. the Lord has truly blessed us! The Lord has been so good to us
We have been blessed to get our lives in order and get married in the church. Johnny and I have learned to tithe and have been giving 10 percent off everything we get to the Lord. We have been delivered from our bad habits of this world and the most important thing is, we've learned how to have a personal

relationship with our God.

Robert and Sheelah
Met thirteen years ago and for the first few years they partied, drank and went to clubs. Soon after that Sheela became pregnant and they got "married" in a ceremony but not legally. They tried to live right but soon began the same old behavior.
Sheelah became pregnant again and they decided to make a change. They started going to Victory World Outreach and loved it, they accepted Christ and now live for God. They became legally married in the church they use to party at, since our building was once a club.
They currently serve in the church doing a Tuesday night Firestarter bible study for married couples and are also both on the Praise Team. Robert is a drummer, and Sheelah sings. They now have 4 beautiful chil
dren and are so glad that they found V.W.O and Jesus. Their marriage is better and Blessed. They love the church family and Pastor Blake and Karla Andrews for showing them the way, Glory to God.

Jose Alvarez.

I was brought up in church by good parents who taught me the difference between wrong and right. But before I moved here to Denton, TX in January of 2011, I had already backslidden. My heart was not on fire for God like it used to be. I had one foot in the church and the other foot in the world. My main reason for moving to Denton was so that I could attend the University of North Texas. I had become miserable and was always out and about looking for company at parties, bars, and clubs. About five months later, a boxing buddy of mine introduced me to Victory World Outreach. (God Bless Him for this) The fact that this church was multi-cultural made me feel welcomed and accepted. Not only that, but the messages that were preached, were straight to the point and truthful. Have you ever heard the saying, "The truth hurts"? Well, I thank God for the truth because that kind of preaching woke me up, spiritually. I realized that God not only granted me the opportunity to move to Denton but it was in his will for me to move out here. He wanted me to get out of my comfort zone which was in Waco, TX and move out and not only make something of myself, but to get back on track for God. Now, little by little he continues to reveal himself to me through his miracles. One of the things I have learned here is how I can continue to praise and worship him no matter what the circumstances are. Another thing I’ve learned at Victory World Outreach is to never go by feelings because feelings can deceive you. Never let your circumstances tell you how you should feel, you can overcome anything by doing the right thing, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding" Proverbs 3:5. Now, since I have committed my life to God here and continued to grow I have been given the honor to serve as an usher. I also have been able to use my artistic talents for God’s glory painting several murals for the church.

God bless you Pastor Blake Andrews for standing firm in Christ and helping me get right with God.