Our staff is a friendly group of humble leaders who have been volunteering/serving in their communities for many years, and they bring with them the ability to lead, to inspire and to care for the needy without condescension or hidden agendas. They believe in having strong marriages, which make for a strong church as a whole. Our vision is to PREACH the UNADULTERATED, PURE, AS-IS GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST to a lost, dying, and hurting world.

With a combined 65 years of ministry experience among our leaders, They provide Victory World Outreach with the inspiration and direction to keep it going and growing to effect the city of Denton, TX and beyond.


Pastor Blake & Karla Andrews

And their two daughters Kristen & Destiny

Senior Pastor/Founder of Victory World Outreach Church – Denton, TX.

Bio: Pastor Blake has had a call to serve God his whole life but it was not answered until Tuesday October 4th, 1992 when he had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ during a revival on a Tuesday night after basketball practice. His encounter was so real that the next day he gave up his scholarship to play college basketball and his life long dreams to play, to go into the ministry. Shortly thereafter, Pastor found himself in Costa Rica learning Spanish where he met his now wife of 23 years, Karla. They met in a large church she was attending and were married 7 months later. Over the years they have  had the privilege of reaching countless thousands through outreaches in the inner-cities of many places such as Tucson, AZ, various cities in Mexico and Dallas, TX.

In 1998, Pastor and Karla, and their two beautiful daughters Kristen, 22, and Destiny, 17 who are very involved in the church musically, felt called to go back to Costa Rica where they spent 10 years on the mission field. While there, they started a children’s foundation called “Manitas de Amor” that was reaching 5,000 children a month and still today is going strong. A couple years into their tenure in Costa Rica our Pastor met his new best friend, Pastor Dustin Jones who introduced him to Victory World Outreach. A short time later pastor and Karla were invited to Colorado Springs to the home church for their annual World Conference on Evangelism by Pastor Jones. “When I walked into that church and saw such a diverse people with such love, and heard the message of reaching souls and real straightforward preaching I knew I was “HOME” Pastor Blake says. One year later Pastor and Karla were commissioned by Pastor Jones from the mother church to start a pioneer church work in Costa Rica. They finally began to see the fruit of their labor as they discipled couples for ministry. There are now flourishing churches in Costa Rica and more on the way. His faithfulness to leave basketball for the ministry at a young age was also rewarded when a door was opened to him to play 5 seasons of professional basketball in Costa Rica giving him his dream back. Through this opportunity, where he played in two championship games, he was allowed to witness to many of his teammates and saw many of them give their lives to the Lord and go to church. During prayer in September 2007, He felt called to come back to the United States and pioneer a church here in Denton, TX. They answered the call and returned state side in April 2008. Since then God has taken them from humble beginnings in the living room of their home with a few faithful couples to reaching hundreds on a weekly basis. One great testimony of the work in Denton, TX is that all the couples who started the church with them are still faithfully involved. God has also taken Pastor Blake around the world to preach the gospel in places like the Congo and Kenya in Africa, Mexico, and the Czech Republic. As a family they serve faithfully together here in in Denton.



Pastor Elbert & Pam Andrews

Associate Pastor/ Follow-up Leaders & Care Givers/Pastoral Advisory Council.

Bio:  Pastor Elbert has been serving God faithfully for many years and has served in many layman positions such as “Light for the Lost” Chairman for the state of Arizona, a missions board as well as head deacon for several churches. He is one of the “Best layman to ever walk the face of the earth” as Pastor states it. He is a blessing to our church and now serves, along with his wife of almost 47 years, as an assistant to Pastor Blake, leader of our follow-up ministry and part of the pastoral advisory council.  We are truly blessed to have a man of his wisdom, experience, and compassion in our church.


Pastor Mzee & Ashley Dillon

Pastor of Victory World Outreach Church – Carrollton, TX.

Bio: Christ has turned our lives “downside-up”. We came from a life of partying, lust, fornication, heartbreak and emptiness. God took us just as we were and placed us in a real church with real people. Here He delivered us, filled the void and taught us how to live.

Mzee and Ashley are a real story of God’s power to transform. Since coming to VWO and giving their lives to Jesus Christ, God has brought them a long way from their partying days on the UNT college campus. Since then, Mzee and Ashley have married, Mzee graduated from UNT and works as a computer engineer for Ericsson,  and Ashley graduated from UNT and is now teaching. Ironically, they have faithfully served for 5 years as our youth group leaders and on the praise/worship team in the same building that they once frequented on college party nights when the building was a night club. Now, God has a bigger adventure for Pastor Mzee and Ashley, as they have now been called and sent out of VWO Denton to pioneer a church in Carrollton, TX. They now have their own building and are seeing God build a strong core of people.


Chris-Laura Austin Oct15

Chris and Laura Austin

Chris serves in our Media Department and Laura serves as our Sunday School Director.

Bio:  Laura and I have been with VWO Denton since the church started but would come and go during that first year, not attending on a regular basis.  At the time, we were still living a lifestyle of drinking. Laura had grown up in church but spent the previous 10 years “back-slidden” due to alcoholism and guilt that led her further into sin. This included fornication and drugs.  Chris didn’t grow up in church and was agnostic when he and Laura met at a bar.  Prior to meeting Laura, he was a drug dealer and fornicator.  While pregnant with their first child, God revealed to Laura about her alcoholism and she was redeemed of it by the blood of Jesus.  She has been sober since Feb 2009.  Chris was bound by anger and due to the demands of his job, at the time, began to steal from petty cash and lie to his boss.  When their son was a year old, they finally decided that God was calling him to leave that job.  Once that happened, his complete life changed and was given over to Jesus. Jesus has completed them.  God has used them to write and produce The Judgment play for VWO Denton.


Robert-Sheelah Ayala Oct2015

Robert and Sheelah Ayala

Robert and Sheelah serve as Nursery Directors, on the Praise Team and they lead our Spanish ministry. Robert also serves on the pastoral advisory council.

Bio:  Robert and Sheelah came from a party life of custom car shows and late night partying. The life we lived was emotionally and physically draining and brought us no real joy. With the birth of our first child, we knew God was calling us to be and do so much more in our life than what we were doing.  Praise God we found our “forever church” home over 7 years ago with Pastor Blake and Karla Andrews here at Victory World Outreach! Jesus is now the center of our lives and with our now four children, we all serve God and have true joy in our lives with Christ.


Dwayne-Mayra Frank Oct2015

Dewayne and Mayra Frank

Dewayne and Mayra lead our Breakaway ministry working with people who struggle with addictions and serve on the Praise Team. Dewayne also serves on the pastoral advisory council.

Bio:  Both Mayra and I went to church as teens and ended up backsliding and running away from God! We both were involved in a life of alcohol, fornication, and partying. On Tuesday, August 28, 2012, we both gave our lives to the Lord during a revival at VWO. Almost a month after being saved, we got married!  This church has blessed our family in so many ways through the power of Jesus Christ!


Brian-Joy Nwelue

Brian and Joy Nwelue

Brian and Joy lead our OnEighty Youth group and Brian serves as an usher as well.

Bio:  For Joy and I, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ has made all the difference in our lives. We both grew up in church and had a head knowledge of Christ without the relationship. At VWO, the Gospel was presented to us in it’s entirety and it completely changed our lives. Brian and Joy, recently married, are both college athlete graduates and have a heart to reach young people as they work with the youth.


Paul-Brenda Platt

Paul and Brenda Platt

Paul and Brenda serve as our Follow-Up ministry leaders and both serve on the Praise Team with their sons Parker and Ryan. Paul also heads up our Usher Team and serves on the pastoral advisory council.

Bio:  Brenda and I both had similar but different childhoods and were both raised as kids in dead churches. Neither of us had ever experienced a TRUE relationship with Jesus Christ until we were both in our 30s. In our years of being “back sliders”, we each got involved and married to people who God had not chosen for us. Our poor decisions without Christ in our lives led to the pain and suffering of divorce for each of us. Truly searching and seeking a beautiful relationship with our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ, God brought our troubled lives together and by the blood of Jesus Christ redeemed the sins and worldly relationships of our past. Through a family tragedy and a series of events, we started attending VWO Church in 2009 and have made this our church home ever since. Brenda and I have been happily married for 18 years because of what Jesus did on the cross. We joyously serve God and our church together with our two teenage sons. God is good all the time.