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  • VWO has taught me over the past 4 years how to allow Jesus Christ to change my life.
    Coming in to the church I was a 19 year old who spent my life in the catholic church,
    and not really taking my walk with God seriously. Participating in the different areas
    that VWO has to offer, such as outreaches, discipleship, Dramas, and of course serving
    in the church have shaped me into someone I wouldn’t have believed I could be. I have
    also known since day 1 at the church that Pastor Blake was a leader that I could count
    on and over time I have seen in him many rare qualities, such as empathy, genuineness,
    and modesty despite being such a person of character.

    Chris Kaler

    Chris Kaler
  • VWO Denton. What does this mean to me? It means feeling the spirit. Gods presence.
    Walking into a place that you can hardly hold back the tears for the anointing you feel
    just from the amazing leaders guiding and welcoming the sweet sweet Holy Spirit.
    To go and listen to our Pastor who is a GREAT Shepard. A humble, honest, caring, spirit
    filled man of God. Who wants nothing more than to see as many hearts given to the Lord that
    he can possibly see. A called man straight from God to help guide us and protect us. To
    teach us. When I say us… I mean the church… and when I say the church I mean Gods people.

    Danna Castillo

    Danna Castillo
  • The VWO family is the best thing that has ever happened to me and my family! I’ve been
    going there for a little over a year! By the power of JESUS CHRIST I have been born again
    and set free from my numerous addictions that I was living with. Great church family!!

    Jesse Salazar

    Jesse Salazar
  • This church is amazing and now family to us.  I was freed from alcoholism in this church
    in Feb of 2009 and now get to help others.  If you’re looking for feel good messages, lattes,
    and no accountability, this is NOT the church for you.  The messages will change your life
    and when you miss a service, you will be missed.  Come get to know our family!

    Laura Austin

    Laura Austin
  • My family and I have been going to VWO for about 4 months now, we absolutely love it!
    It has brought our family closer together, as well as helped us learn more about God.
    If you’re looking for a church for you and your family this is the place to be.
    Honestly feels like being a part of a huge extended family and couldn’t have asked for
    a better group of people.

    Cesi Flores

    Cesi Flores
  • VWO is not just a church, it is my family. A family that is Christ centered without
    sugarcoating the gospel and keeping it simple down to the core. And to know that
    we are planted all over the world gives me joy that we are not alone.

    Jose Alvarez

    Jose Alvarez
  • VWO is a place where I feel free to come as I am, and I feel like I have complete
    liberty when I praise God. There’s always a great atmosphere, and I always feel welcomed.
    The messages are the ones that everyone needs to hear, and so often people don’t hear them
    because other churches are afraid of offending people, but I love hearing the truth. Although
    I haven’t been here long, I still feel like I’m part of the family, and I’m excited
    to grow in my faith at VWO.

    Jamela Brown

    Jamela Brown
  • VWO means alot to us, it means we have a church family who are always there. They do not judge
    our family for what we do not have. Its a home where we learn something new about our God every
    Service. It has made us better people and we have learned that we can do nothing without having
    a relationship with God! We were married here!

    Kasey & Ruth Frank

    Kasey & Ruth Frank
  • VWO is a church where the gospel is not only preached, but lived.
    For me, it provided a true example of what the Christian walk looks like.
    The example I had been missing my entire life. At VWO, everything I heard
    before finally clicked and Jesus set me free from my anxieties.

    Joy Newlue

    Joy Newlue testimony